Picture 11.19.10 “Confusing Her Sweaters”


Saarah was lying on the floor this morning, being cute as a button, reading “The Hockey Sweater”. If you aren’t familiar with this story, then you’re obviously not Canadian. As a matter of fact, I believe there may be questions about this story on the Canadian Citizenship Exam, though I can’t be certain. For weeks now, this has been Tevye’s story-of-choice before bed each night, and while it’s a classic, it gets a little tiring reading the same anti-Leafs propaganda each and every night. You know, even when the story is told from the viewpoint of someone who clearly cheers for the Habs, Habs fans come out looking like jerks. I mean, who isn’t going to let someone play with them based on the sweater they’re wearing, especially since it was just a shipping mistake?! Ugh. Go Leafs Go!

… Oops, I suppose I should stop ranting and get back to the picture above. So Saarah likes looking at the pictures in this book, but she seems to be under the impression that any hockey sweater is a Leafs sweater. She knows for certain which logo is a Leafs logo, but decides to tell me each time she sees the abominable CH, that it’s the Leafs. And seriously, that’s the best they could come up with for a logo? Two letters? Uh oh, ranting again.

I don’t actually have any issue with the Habs. When I poke fun at them, it is purely that, fun. I will generally cheer for the Canadiens when they’re playing(unless they’re playing the Leafs, in which case, t’heck with ’em), and was as excited as anyone when they did so well in the post-season last year.

Go Leafs Go!

2 Responses to “Picture 11.19.10 “Confusing Her Sweaters””
  1. Donna says:

    I HAD to comment on this one. The Hockey Sweater is a classic! I have it somewhere on video, read by Roch Carriere in his thick French accent. Wonderful film!
    As for the “CH”, did you not know what the “CH” stand for? “Center Hice”!! LOL

    • BS”D

      One night before bed, instead of reading The Hockey Sweater, I showed Tevye the film online. While I believe he enjoyed watching it, I don’t know if he was able to understand everything being said, due to his accent.

      “Centre Hice”? I always thought it was “Crappy Hockey” HAHAHAHA

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