Picture 11.21.10 “Nap Time”


You think to yourself “I’m going to take a nap, wrapped tightly in this wonderful Leafs blanket, and nobody will ever know my true hockey feelings” only to have your dirty little secret exposed to the entire world. Muahahahaha! I’m just joking. Nicole is still as much of a Habs fan as she ever was, as her excitement and rousing the whole neighbourhood with her “Ole”s throughout last night’s game can attest to.

Actually, the reason that I took this picture was because of the chain of events leading up to it. After we had been awake quite late the previous night, Nicole was quite tired during the day. She laid down, hoping to have a peaceful nap, which was accomplished. A short while after she fell asleep Saarah very sweetly climbed onto the couch, snuggled in next to her sleeping mama, and closed her eyes. I really don’t think that, even if I wanted to, this picture could have been staged.

My two beautiful ladies, sleeping so peacefully on the couch, without a care in the world. It makes a tatte happy.

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