Picture 11.22.10 “Happy Birthday Saarah Chayah”


Apparently Saarah was so excited about marking the exact moment that she was born two years ago, she felt the need to be awake in the middle of the night last night. Of course, how much fun is it to sit in your own bed, celebrating on your own? Not much, I suppose. She made sure that both Nicole and I were awake, so that we might share in the joyous celebrations.

Yesterday we had a party for her, and she had a really great time. We had some people over, opened presents, talked to grandparents on Skype, ate cake, and played in the snow. Since then she’s been wearing her new jewelery, new shoes, and toting her baby around the house in its car seat, asking me to make the baby cry and laugh repeatedly(she can’t quite figure out where the button is).

The grandparents, not wanting Tevye to feel left out, sent him some presents as well. He got quite excited upon seeing that, even though it was Saarah’s party, there was something for him as well.

I cannot believe that Saarah Chayah is two today. It seems like just yesterday that Nicole and I were at the hospital; her giving birth, and me, very helpfully passing her a cup of water, and allowing my hand to be squeezed until broken. I feel that it was a joint effort. Saarah is growing into such a nice young girl, who, I’m quite certain, is also the most beautiful girl in the world. She’s always trying to be as helpful as she possibly can, and she loves her big brother so much. She’s developing a great sense of humour, and is a constant source of joy in my life. Even yesterday morning, when she woke me up at six o’clock, she was smiling and was oh, so excited by all of the birthday decorations. I love how she likes to sit with me on the couch and watch cooking shows, and we talk about what the lady is doing. When she so ecstatically pushes a chair over to help me in the kitchen, I smile from ear to ear. The other day I had gone outside to take the compost out. When I walked through the door again, she ran right up to me and gave me a kiss, as if I had been gone for months. She has such good manners, and I’m always so proud when we’re out and about.

I love you Saarah Chayah.

5 Responses to “Picture 11.22.10 “Happy Birthday Saarah Chayah””
  1. Donna says:

    Happy Birthday Saarah!! And I can attest to those good manners – for both kids!

  2. Thomas Callow says:

    Glad I could pass on my beauty, manners and great sense of humour to my faourite niece! 😛

    • BS”D

      Oh tomtom, I don’t exactly believe you were the most well behaved two year old, and the only thing even remotely humourous about you is when you refer to your, er, um, beauty. And please explain to me how you had anything to do with my daughter’s looks or behaviour.

  3. mom/grandma says:

    Beautiful photos, I smile each time I look at her and Tevye too. Thank you Andrew for the photo journal of the grandkids. Thoms as a 2 year you were a bit of a challenge and Saarah I am sure is always perfect, right Tatte? What is the translation on her cake, my Hebrew is a little rusty.

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