Picture 11.23.10 “The First Snow”


While it may seem like Saarah Chayah is looking at a ghost above my head, she is actually exclaiming very excitedly that there is snow outside. When we went outside to play in the snow the following day she really had no idea what to do with all of the white stuff. She had heard that children like to play in the snow, and so she very excitedly got all of her snow clothes on. Upon reaching the back yard, looking about as bundled up as Randy in “A Christmas Story”, she just stood there, uncertain as to how to proceed. With a little coaching from Mama and Tatte, though, she picked up the art of playing in the snow quite quickly. There wasn’t much, mind you, but we had fun anyways. I’m sure that as the winter progresses and I’m cursing having to shovel the driveway yet again, she will, like all children, become proficient at snow-play.


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