Picture 11.29.10 “A Wagon Full of Cuteness”


While both of these ladies look very cute sitting in the wagon, I think, perhaps, that one of them may be a little bigger than the manufacturers had intended.  The other one generally needs a wagon to carry around all of her attitude. I’ll let you decide which one is which.

Going to the park when it’s so cold is always an interesting experience. I’m actually looking forward to going when it’s just a little bit colder and there is snow and ice all over the slides. This is quite something to watch, if you haven’t seen it. Children, unaccustomed to the extra speed that they develop on the ice, get the best expressions on their face when they shoot off the end of the slides, flying a meter through the air, before landing on their well-padded posteriors. Last year Tevye, while shocked the first time it happened, was quite keen to keep doing this over and over, until it was time to go home.


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