Picture 11.30.10 “A Dinosaur and a Puzzle?”


I was instructed, by my lovely wife, to put up a picture of Saarah in her new dress that she received for her birthday, holding her new dinosaur that she bought with her birthday money. There you go Nicole.

We took the kids to the store over the weekend, where they were informed that they both had a little money that they could use to buy something. We showed the children a whole slew of things that fit into their budget, and the result was a little surprising. Saarah picked, as I’m sure is obvious by this point, a stuffed dinosaur. She looked at dolls, babies, pretend jewelery, and a variety of other stuffed animals. She hasn’t put the darn thing down since we discovered it at the store. Her favourite dinosaur-related activity, is using the baby brush to brush the dinosaur’s hair.

While Saarah was perusing the prehistoric play-things, Tevye was looking on the other side of the aisle at the boy-oriented toys. He perused the cars, trains, and other toys that a three year old boy might like. He finally settled on a puzzle. The puzzle is 24 pieces, which is far more complex than anything he’s built before. I was rather uncertain if it was a good thing for him to buy, as I didn’t know if it was something that would inevitably frustrate him. He was insistent though, so we went with it. Well it turns out I was completely wrong. He put the entire thing together in about 10 minutes, with no help from anyone. My little boy is getting so big.


One Response to “Picture 11.30.10 “A Dinosaur and a Puzzle?””
  1. Deb Allison says:

    a true puzzle genius, just like his grandma! When he comes out here to visit, he can help me with my 1,000 piece ones!

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