Picture 12.23.10 “A Most Unusual Location”

BS”D I wasn’t going to post another picture of Miss Saarah Chayah having a sleep, but I do believe that this is perhaps the most unusual location she could have possibly come up with. As you can see her feet aren’t even touching the floor. How anyone ends up in this position and then falls … Continue reading

Picture 12.20.10 “No Business Like Snow Business”

BS”D A few nights ago it snowed again, and as soon as the first flakes started to fall the children wanted to rush right outside and play. We tried to tell them that there wasn’t enough snow to play in yet, but that response was met with much protest. After much promising of future snow-play, … Continue reading

Picture 12.16.10 “Red Eye Ridiculousness”

BS”D Normally I will get rid of red eyes in the pictures before I post them, but today I decided that it enhanced the effect of whatever it is that Saarah is going for. This face is one that I am all too familiar with. This face, which I believe is supposed to look somewhat … Continue reading

Picture 12.14.10 “Tatte’s Hats”

BS”D The children decided two things this morning while watching cartoons; 1. They both wanted to wear one of Tatte’s hats(I know one is a kippah, but it’s all the same in Saarah’s brain), and 2. Saarah wasn’t going to wear any clothes. I realize that we’re having a very warm December this year, but … Continue reading

Picture 12.13.10 “Violin Practice”

BS”D I’m not entirely certain how the kids came to utilize two pieces of track from one of Tevye’s train set as a pretend violin, but it would appear that this is one of their favourite activities lately. Neither Nicole or myself have ever played a violin, but it would appear that both of our … Continue reading

Picture 12.12.10 “Vintage Saarah Chayah”

BS”D As promised, albeit a couple of days late, I have put together a selection of vintage Saarah pictures. I meant to have this up on Friday, but I was very busy all day and didn’t even remember that I hadn’t done this until 10 at night, when it was far too late to begin … Continue reading

Picture 12.09.10 “Vintage Tevye”

BS”D I’ve been rather busy lately, it seems, and I have neglected my picture-taking responsibilities. I was thinking about it this morning, and while the children are just as cute and ridiculous as ever, I just haven’t remembered to take pictures over the past few days. So, frustrated with the fact that I’ve been forgetting, … Continue reading

Picture 12.07.10 “Don’t Blow Out The Candles”

BS”D On the first night of Chanukah(I’m not breaking into song, that’s just how I decided to start this post) I held the children up, one at a time, so that they might look at the candles in the chanukiah. I don’t know if it would be different if Saarah hadn’t just had her birthday, … Continue reading

Picture 12.05.10 “Chanukah Presents”

BS”D We like to give the kids a little something for a few of the nights during Chaunkah, and last night apparently we, the parents, did very well in our gift selection. Tevye received a camera designed for small people, and Saarah got a toy stroller for her babies. Both of the kids lit up … Continue reading

Picture 12.03.10 “Bathtub of Song”

BS”D I don’t know if the kids were actually singing when this picture was taken. Actually, I doubt it very much, but I think it’s more exciting if I pretend that they were. So the other night my children were singing in the bathtub. Since they’re big Leonard Cohen fans, they were actually entertaining me … Continue reading