Picture 12.02.10 “Untitled”


Don’t worry, the wall ends right before Saarah’s head. She has not just pushed her head through the wall. Saarah was playing on the floor, rolling around, and generally just being ridiculous, so I took a picture of it. Now I’ve posted that picture on my blog, and now you’re reading these words. Actually, as I’m writing these words I believe I’m the only one who is reading them, though I could be wrong. Perhaps the government has installed cameras in my home, right behind where I’m sitting, just so that they could read what I type on the computer. I doubt that very much. I’m sure that there are easier ways of reading what I type than going to all that trouble. Perhaps they could just read the blog. Geez, thanks Government of Canada. I pay my taxes, the least you can do is read my blog.

2 Responses to “Picture 12.02.10 “Untitled””
  1. mom/grandma says:

    She is one of the two cutiest grandchildren ever,

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