Picture 12.03.10 “Bathtub of Song”


I don’t know if the kids were actually singing when this picture was taken. Actually, I doubt it very much, but I think it’s more exciting if I pretend that they were.

So the other night my children were singing in the bathtub. Since they’re big Leonard Cohen fans, they were actually entertaining me with “Tower of Song”. Neither one of them really has the sultry, gravelly voice(a golden voice, if you will) to do a really good rendition of it yet, but they’re working on it. They were sitting as close as they were because they’ve found, through many nights of experimenting, that the acoustics is at its absolute best when their bums are situated in this exact position. While Tevye does the vast majority of the lyrics, Saarah has almost perfected the do-dum-dum-dum’s.


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