Picture 12.05.10 “Chanukah Presents”


We like to give the kids a little something for a few of the nights during Chaunkah, and last night apparently we, the parents, did very well in our gift selection. Tevye received a camera designed for small people, and Saarah got a toy stroller for her babies. Both of the kids lit up when they saw what their presents were. I always love seeing them so excited and happy, as I’m sure that any parent is. Tevye has been running around the house, snapping pictures of anything and everything, while Saarah has been racing around the house at top speeds, pushing her baby and dutifully putting her back in when she falls out in the middle of the hairpin turns. She’s really using the stroller more like a race car than a stroller. I suppose that comes from having an older brother who likes cars.


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