Picture 12.09.10 “Vintage Tevye”


I’ve been rather busy lately, it seems, and I have neglected my picture-taking responsibilities. I was thinking about it this morning, and while the children are just as cute and ridiculous as ever, I just haven’t remembered to take pictures over the past few days.

So, frustrated with the fact that I’ve been forgetting, and as a result, unable to post new pictures, I decided to look through pictures from when the kids were younger(I realise that the children are still very young, but that’s why I specified “younger”, and didn’t just say “young”). As I was doing this I decided that putting up a selection of Tevye, and then a separate one of Saarah might be fun.

The hilariously goofy smile that Tevye has in these pictures is surprisingly common, happening in 95% of all pictures when he was deliberately smiling for the sake of having his picture taken. For a long time I figured he was just being goofy, but now I’m wondering if he will continue smiling like this in pictures for years to come.

Of course, on the rare occasion you do get a decent smile there is a very good chance that the rest of the picture will be ridiculous(see above). I’m quite certain that I was not present for this event. I’m guessing that I was once told why, but this was taken nearly two years ago, and I have no idea what it was. He would’ve been too young to be potty training, and it was February, so it wasn’t overly warm. I have no idea why my son is not wearing pants, or anything besides socks below his waist. On a side note, he still wears that sweater and those socks. He’s on the large side of average now, but he was a very big 18 month old.

Living room + Inflatable duck tub + computer keyboard + juice(it’s in there, you just can’t see it) + Tevye – clothing = This picture. Enough said.

While my son, when he was not quite two, appears as if he’s just returned home from the pub, I can assure you the picture was purely a result of Tevye being in the middle of saying something, and the hat having fallen back on his head on account of his head being too small for my hat.

This one and the next one are two of my favourites of all the pictures that we’ve taken of our outlandish Tevye.

They really show the side of Tevye that I have the privilege of spending 90% of my day with.

This concludes Vintage Tevye.

2 Responses to “Picture 12.09.10 “Vintage Tevye””
  1. Donna says:

    Just adorable Moishe, thanks for sharing. His personality sure shines through!

  2. Deb Allison says:

    What a great blast from the past, Moishe! I remember all of these pictures and have always loved them. He is a lovely happy boy.

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