Picture 12.12.10 “Vintage Saarah Chayah”


As promised, albeit a couple of days late, I have put together a selection of vintage Saarah pictures. I meant to have this up on Friday, but I was very busy all day and didn’t even remember that I hadn’t done this until 10 at night, when it was far too late to begin such an undertaking.

Just like the prevalence of Tevye’s goofy smile in nearly all of the pictures of him, there is a recurring theme among pictures of Saarah. She sleeps a lot. Now, she doesn’t actually sleep any more than any other child, but she always seems to be sleeping when a picture is being taken. Not only that, but the variety of locations in which Miss Saarah sleeps is quite extensive as well.

While the last paragraph might have led you to believe that I would continue putting up pictures of my daughter sleeping, that just isn’t the case. When we lived on the west coast, all of the hockey games, well, all of the important hockey games, started in the middle of the afternoon. The kids have always enjoyed watching hockey with us, even, as this picture can attest to, from the time they were only a few months old. It’s my job as a parent to make sure that my children are educated about all of the important things in this world, and I take that responsibility very seriously, making certain that my children were both exposed to the Leafs from a very early age.

Saarah would’ve only been five months old when this picture was taken, but even at such an early age she took great joy in being a goof. That has only increased time has gone by. I’m not certain if it’s a trait she was born with, or something that she’s picked up from her older brother, but either way she’s hilarious.

A few weeks back I posted a picture entitled “Teeny Tiny Saarah Chayah”, which really showed just how small my tiny Who Daughter really is. While I have no idea why, after coming to the realization that she is very small, someone might think that perhaps at one time she was bigger for her age and perhaps just stopped growing, this picture illustrates that she’s always been teeny tiny.

Getting Saarah to eat her supper these days is like trying to pull teeth from a T-Rex. It wasn’t always this way. For a long time Saarah quite enjoyed eating her supper. As a matter of fact, it was a rare day that she wouldn’t eat. Ugh, I only wish she sat so still and got so messy at supper time now.

I’ve always wondered why children derive such great enjoyment from wearing their parent’s footwear. Sure, they want to be just like their mamas and tattes, but they never show that same enthusiasm when it comes to cleaning up like Mama and Tatte. I love how proud of herself Saarah looks in this picture. I had to actually lower her into my boots, but she looks as happy as if she’d won an Olympic gold medal.

I believe that this one may have been posted previously, but I’m not certain. At any rate, it’s a great picture.

This concludes “Vintage Saarah Chayah”.



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