Picture 12.13.10 “Violin Practice”


I’m not entirely certain how the kids came to utilize two pieces of track from one of Tevye’s train set as a pretend violin, but it would appear that this is one of their favourite activities lately. Neither Nicole or myself have ever played a violin, but it would appear that both of our children have developed an interest in learning to do just that. Perhaps they’ll never play a violin(I suppose they’d probably learn to play a fiddle, since we live in Nova Scotia), but at least they have expressed interest in musical instruments. I think Saarah should learn to play a tuba. I have no particular affinity for the tuba(that’s not to say I have anything against it), I just think she’d look hilarious trying to manage such a gigantic instrument. Perhaps she could sit inside of a tuba and play something completely different, just for kicks.

3 Responses to “Picture 12.13.10 “Violin Practice””
  1. She’s really cute! She’s showing interest in playing violin so I would suggest to you can find a private instructor to help her develop her talent even further later on.

  2. Thomas Callow says:

    Very cute, I think my niece and nephew need to learn to play the violin. (btw. it’s the same instrument as a fiddle, it’s just the style of playing that varies.)

    • I realise that a fiddle is the same instrument with a different style of play, though perhaps the wording could have been better on my part. I really cannot imagine that they wont learn to play some sort of instrument.

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