Picture 12.14.10 “Tatte’s Hats”


The children decided two things this morning while watching cartoons; 1. They both wanted to wear one of Tatte’s hats(I know one is a kippah, but it’s all the same in Saarah’s brain), and 2. Saarah wasn’t going to wear any clothes. I realize that we’re having a very warm December this year, but it’s not really the sort of weather when you want to be sitting around in just a diaper. Saarah had decided that she wanted to get dressed, but changed her mind as soon as her clothes were off. She ended up spending the next hour just walking around with nothing on. Again, it’s warmer this year than most, but it’s still not overly warm right now. I imagine she must have been chilly, but that didn’t deter her from having some one-on-one time with her belly button.

I’ve just noticed that Tevye has Saarah’s dinosaur, and I’m wondering how that happened. She usually puts up quite the stink when anyone should come within 10 feet of her new favourite toy.


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