Picture 12.16.10 “Red Eye Ridiculousness”


Normally I will get rid of red eyes in the pictures before I post them, but today I decided that it enhanced the effect of whatever it is that Saarah is going for. This face is one that I am all too familiar with. This face, which I believe is supposed to look somewhat ferocious, tends to make its appearance when Saarah is at her most goofy. It is usually accompanied by her holding my face, and a rather obnoxious sound. I haven’t been able to determine if she’s pretending to be something, whether it be an animal or a monster, or if it’s just plain silliness. I believe it’s just silliness, but I can’t be certain.

I find it interesting how children will play certain games with certain people. This face/noise/head-holding game is only ever played with myself or Nicole. I assume that it is related to her comfort level with any individual. Even though there are a number of adults that she finds herself around on a semi-regular basis, I’ve never seen her act in such a goofy manner around them. Of course, with her loving older brother there is no shortage of goofing around. I believe 96.2% of each day is spent by the two of them goofing-it-up together.


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