Picture 12.20.10 “No Business Like Snow Business”


A few nights ago it snowed again, and as soon as the first flakes started to fall the children wanted to rush right outside and play. We tried to tell them that there wasn’t enough snow to play in yet, but that response was met with much protest. After much promising of future snow-play, they finally resigned that they would have to wait until the following day.

G-d help any parent who should decide that their children need to eat breakfast before charging outside into the snow. Ours were thoroughly unimpressed that they had to wait longer still. Once it was time though, they ran right over and got all of their snow clothes on. Thankfully for Nicole and I, it has never taken any convincing to get our children outside to play, no matter the weather.

They were a little disappointed at how little snow there was on the ground, and that there wasn’t enough to build a snowman. While most of the country has received ample amounts of snow by this point in the year, we have been seriously lacking in that department.

Even though there didn’t end up being much snow, the kids still had fun playing. They spent a great deal of time throwing snowballs at Mama. We then went for a walk, but it was pretty cold for them, just sitting still in their wagon, and we had to come home fairly quickly as a result. I’m really hoping that we get a bunch of snow in the near future so that the kids can get some quality snow time.

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