Picture 12.23.10 “A Most Unusual Location”


I wasn’t going to post another picture of Miss Saarah Chayah having a sleep, but I do believe that this is perhaps the most unusual location she could have possibly come up with. As you can see her feet aren’t even touching the floor. How anyone ends up in this position and then falls asleep is beyond me. I was only out of the room for a few minutes, and when I came back this is what I was greeted with. There was Tevye, sitting on the floor, quietly playing with his trains, and Saarah, perched atop the ottoman, shluffing. I was inclined to move her so that she didn’t fall off, but that would wake her up and then she wouldn’t sleep at all. If this happens then she’s grumpy-as-heck for the rest of the day, so I let her stay there. About an hour went by before she woke up. When she did awake, she just got herself down, came over to where I was sitting, and asked for a snack as though she wasn’t the most ridiculous girl in the entire world.


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