Picture 01.12.11 “The Creation of (snow)Man”


Nicole and the kids went outside on the weekend to build a snowman, while I stayed indoors baking olive focaccia(it didn’t turn out as well as it did last time, but it was still delicious). Upon coming to the understanding of the day’s outdoor activity, Saarah got straight to work, gathering snow in her mitts in an effort to create a very large snowman.

It would seem that Tevye had a better grasp on the whole concept of the “Snowball Effect”(hey, how often do you get to use that phrase in reference to snow?)

It would appear that with a little help from Mama, Saarah was able to get her snowball somewhat larger than by her efforts alone. In the background you can see Tevye’s getting bigger as well.

Satisfied with her own snowball, or perhaps just giving Mama a turn on her own, Saarah turned to helping Tevye, whether he wanted her help or not. I don’t really know how helpful she was being here, as she seems to be facing the wrong way.

Perhaps she wanted to continue making her snowball larger, or perhaps Tevye had had about enough of Saarah’s “help”, but she went back to what would become the base of the snowman and tried to roll it further. As her face might tell you, there is a great deal of effort being put in here, though the snowball was moving about as fast as, well, it wasn’t. She came inside very shortly after this picture was taken to help me in the kitchen.

Even though I knew that they were building a snowman, I was still caught off guard when Nicole stuck her head through the door and asked for a carrot.

I included this picture in the post not because it was a particularly good one of either Tevye or Nicole, but to illustrate the size of the snowman gracing our front yard.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the finished product:

While we proudly gazed out the window at our wonderful creation, it was short lived. It wasn’t because the snow melted, but rather because two nights later the wind was so strong that it blew the snowman right over. There he was, lying on the ground, middle section separated from the lower section, arms still attached, and the head nowhere to be seen. We can only assume that the head was small enough that it was buried in snow(we received about 30-40 cm the day after this snowman was built). Where his carrot nose and eyes and mouth made from rocks went shall remain a mystery forever. Actually I assume we’ll figure it out pretty quick in the spring when we fire up the lawnmower.



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