Picture 01.13.11 “Sticky Socks”


Our delightful daughter has become a bit of a neat-freak lately, and while it’s nice when she’s eager to put her dishes away, there have been some times lately when it’s just downright ridiculous. We recently purchased new tights and socks for Saarah, and she was very excited right up until the moment they were put on. Since she’s still so darn small, all socks and tights for her have grips on the feet so she shouldn’t slip(her size 6 month socks still fit). She started freaking out because “They’re sticky!”. No Saarah, they’re not sticky. She spent the better part of the next day walking around on tippy-toes so as not to feel the texture on the bottom of her tights. She has also decided that the print on one of my sweatshirts is sticky, and she will point this out to me numerous times each day that I should wear it. Our children haven’t seen the Shrek movies yet, but the first one was on TV the other day and we thought we’d let them watch it. At the very beginning of the movie there is a scene when Shrek is being quite messy. Upon seeing this she demanded that it be turned off immediately because it was “too messy”. You might be inclined to think that my neat-freak daughter would keep her toys fairly tidy, but alas, this is not the case. I suppose that would make things too easy for me.

2 Responses to “Picture 01.13.11 “Sticky Socks””
  1. Thomas Callow says:

    That’s very cute. Did Tevye enjoy Shrek, or was that the end of their viewing? (Great movie)

    • BS”D

      They didn’t get any further into the movie than that. Saarah was under the weather that day and she put up such a stink about it being on that we just turned it off. We’ll try again a different time. And yes, it is a great movie.

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