Picture 01.14.10 “The Purloined Slippers”


While these may very well be the best looking slippers ever created, they also provide hours of entertainment for my children. If I should happen to take my slippers off for any reason, they will inevitably be snatched up by a pair of small hands within a matter of seconds. Generally the game consists of Tevye or Saarah taking my slippers, putting them on their own feet, and shuffling around the house, all the while trying to keep me from being able to put them on.

Other times, my slippers will be missing, though they aren’t on anybody’s feet. The kids will take them and hide them somewhere in the house(usually in Tevye’s room).

I made the huge mistake of trying the reverse one day. Tevye had taken off his new dinosaur slippers(they’re great slippers. They are the shape of a T-Rex head and the eyes light up when you take a step), and I took them and put them on my own feet. This didn’t go over nearly as well as I had thought it would. Oh sure, Tevye steals my slippers and it’s hilarious, but if I should steal his, G-d help us.


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