Picture 02.09.11 “More Snow Than We Know What To Do With, Literally”

BS”D Last night we had another big dump of snow, combined with high winds, which means that shovelling needed to be done again today. Of course today is recycling/garbage day, which means that it had to be done early enough to get the bags to the curb. Even though I had cleared a path to … Continue reading

Picture 02.07.11 “Making a Butterfly”

BS”D Saarah really enjoys doing her makeup with Mama, though she doesn’t actually do anything with any makeup. She just plays with cotton swabs and an eyeliner pencil sharpener. It keeps her quite entertained while Nicole is getting ready in the morning, and as a plus, she gets to feel like a big girl. Sometimes, … Continue reading

Picture 02.04.11 “The Big Dump”

BS”D So it snowed a little the other day, as the picture above can attest to. Everything, from schools, to malls, to government offices, was closed by two o’clock in anticipation of the blizzard. In a matter of 8 hours we received about 40cm of the white stuff. We were hopeful that the snow would … Continue reading

Picture 02.02.11 “Insert Catchy Title About Mittens Here”

BS”D While Saarah’s tiny stature only adds to her “Cuteness Factor”, it can become quite frustrating on numerous occasions. Take her tiny hands, for example. When Tevye was 18 months old his hands were large enough that he was able to switch from baby mittens with no thumbs, to big boy mittens(thumb holes included). He … Continue reading