Picture 02.02.11 “Insert Catchy Title About Mittens Here”


While Saarah’s tiny stature only adds to her “Cuteness Factor”, it can become quite frustrating on numerous occasions. Take her tiny hands, for example. When Tevye was 18 months old his hands were large enough that he was able to switch from baby mittens with no thumbs, to big boy mittens(thumb holes included). He probably could have switched earlier, though we lived in BC at the time and there was very few days when mittens were warranted(or even sweaters, for that matter. Oh settle down BC people, I’m just giving you a hard time. It must be awful knowing that February means that the cherry blossoms will be coming out any day now, and that you can basically assume it wont get below freezing until next “winter”). We’re unable to find mittens that fit her tiny hands. Even her mittens designed for infants are still to0 big. Getting increasingly frustrated with having to put her mittens back on ever three minutes, Nicole decided that perhaps we could put her gloves on and tighten them up as much as we can. Turns out that worked way better than her own. Since Nicole always wears two pairs of gloves, her hands were still covered, and this particular day wasn’t overly cold, either(“You had two pairs of gloves this entire time?!” “Uh yeah, we’re in the Rockies”). As may be evident by this picture, our finding solutions to her tininess tends to lead to further cuteness. Perhaps instead of trying to find mittens that fit her we should just buy big foam fingers that they give away at sports events.


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