Picture 02.04.11 “The Big Dump”


So it snowed a little the other day, as the picture above can attest to. Everything, from schools, to malls, to government offices, was closed by two o’clock in anticipation of the blizzard. In a matter of 8 hours we received about 40cm of the white stuff. We were hopeful that the snow would continue at such a rate until the next day so that we could all have the day off, but it ceased snowing around 11 that night.

The next morning, before checking to see if we were going to get the day off, I began trying to figure out how the heck I was going to get all of this snow shovelled before Nicole needed to get to work. I stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out a way to have all the snow go away without me having to shovel it. Sadly, it didn’t magically disappear. I did learn, however, that everything was closed again, and there was no rush to get the shovelling done.

In the afternoon, when we finally decided to get to work, I once again stood there, doing my best to will the driveway clear. Once again it didn’t work. Oh to be a Jedi. Once I had determined that I’m not a Jedi, I got to work. Actually, we all got to work.

Tevye and Saarah did their best to help in the snow removal effort, though they just kept falling down and needed help getting back up and putting their mittens back on.

Once the driveway was clear, we breathed a sigh of relief, only to realize a moment later that we still had yet to dig a path to the compost pile behind the shed. What a stupid place to put a compost pile. From now on we’re doing all of our composting in the basement. I’ve been asking Nicole if we can buy a snow blower for ages now and she keeps saying “We only have a small driveway. What do we possibly need a snow blower for?” She now sees my point, though I doubt I’ll be seeing a snow blower anytime soon.

After all of the snow had been cleared, we walked to the store to rent a movie for the kids. It was a beautiful day, but there was just too much snow for them to play in. Saarah would have disappeared if we had let her go in the back yard, and I doubt Tevye would have fared much better. All in all though, we had a very nice day.



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