Picture 02.07.11 “Making a Butterfly”


Saarah really enjoys doing her makeup with Mama, though she doesn’t actually do anything with any makeup. She just plays with cotton swabs and an eyeliner pencil sharpener. It keeps her quite entertained while Nicole is getting ready in the morning, and as a plus, she gets to feel like a big girl. Sometimes, as was the case in this picture, she gets bored pretending to do her makeup and instead sticks the cotton swabs into the pencil sharpener, turning it into a butterfly.

Since Nicole was taking Saarah’s picture, Tevye insisted that she take his picture as well. This was the result:

Another one of Tevye was taken where he’s smiling nicely, but I liked this one better.

One Response to “Picture 02.07.11 “Making a Butterfly””
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