Picture 02.09.11 “More Snow Than We Know What To Do With, Literally”


Last night we had another big dump of snow, combined with high winds, which means that shovelling needed to be done again today. Of course today is recycling/garbage day, which means that it had to be done early enough to get the bags to the curb. Even though I had cleared a path to the door yesterday there was no way I was going to be able to get down the stairs this morning without being knee-deep in snow. Thankfully it’s really cold today and so the snow wasn’t too heavy. I cleared enough snow to be able to get everything to the curb and then I decided to have a break. I struggled to get to the back yard, and then I sat down and enjoyed the sunshine. While it may look as though I’m sitting on the ground, I’m actually about 70-100cm above the grass(there was grass out there in December, though I haven’t seen it since. I can only assume it’s still down there somewhere). I was trying to pretend that it was summer, but when the -24 windchill is nipping at my ears it can be difficult. I may try again later today. Perhaps I’ll take a beer with me. Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I think I’ll also take my big furry hat with me this time though.

On the news yesterday they were saying that the Maritimes is not only worried about going over budget for snow removal this year, but we are actually running out of places to put it! My first though was why not just dump it on the ice covering the ocean. Then last night I was trying to come up with ways that we could transport all of this snow to Africa, giving it to communities that have limited access to water. I realise that it’s probably not feasible, which makes it more of a shame. We literally have more than we know what to do with. If anyone has any ideas I’d be really curious to hear them.

One Response to “Picture 02.09.11 “More Snow Than We Know What To Do With, Literally””
  1. Donna says:

    Great photo Moise! I will be posting a few of my own…

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