The Picnic Fort

This large pink and princess monstrosity is what’s known as a “bed tent”. Normally it lives atop Saarah’s bed, and she sleeps inside it, but since yesterday it has been located in the middle of her room. I’m not sure why it’s now in such an awkward location, as I was downstairs, making a great … Continue reading

Banana Muffins a la Saarah

Yesterday afternoon I was busy cleaning, writing, and doing all the things that I normally do during the day. I decided to go to the kitchen to get some coffee(a common occurrence, I might add). I was somewhat surprised to see little Miss Saarah, standing atop a stool, and making banana oatmeal muffins. As you … Continue reading

A T-Rex Named Sue

While Tevye was cracking jokes about Sue the Tyrannosaurs Rex, he didn’t realize that she was standing right behind him. Last spring Sue the T Rex came to the Museum of Natural History in Halifax, and Tevye and I demanded that we be allowed to go and see for ourselves. Nicole, ever eager to please, … Continue reading

01.25.2012 Cute, No Matter What

As I was looking through pictures of the kids, trying to come up with something to write about, I noticed something. I realized that children can get away with dressing pretty much however they want, and for some reason they will still end up looking like cutie-patooties. Take, for example, the picture above. Saarah is … Continue reading

01.24.2012 Kids in Space

After we were finished sliding down the hill, some of us on sleds, others on their bums, we crossed the street and the kids were desperate to play at the playground. Playgrounds are significantly more fun when it’s cold out, if for no other reason than the slides are ridiculously fast. Thankfully the padding of … Continue reading

01.23.2012 Saucer Speed

“Going for a new amateur recreational saucer sled land speed record, [Saarah Chayah Callow]” Yesterday, while it was cold, was the perfect day for sledding. With the temperature, taking the windchill into account, hovering around -18, we got all bundled up, each wearing no less than 247 layers. Okay, perhaps that’s a bit of an … Continue reading

01.20.2012 More Babies Than You Can Shake A Stick At

One of Nicole’s coworkers has children older than ours, and they had some toys/clothes that they didn’t use, so she gave them to us, which was very nice of her. Among the items was, you guessed it, yet another baby for Saarah. This is perfect because if there’s one thing that my daughter needs, it’s … Continue reading

01.19.2012 “I’m on a Boat”

If you’re currently saying to yourself “Man, ANOTHER picture from when those dorks traveled to British Columbia this past summer? Seriously? Haven’t they done anything since?! Ugh, I’m so tired of this nonsense”, suck it up. It’s my blog, and I’ll put any darn pictures up that I please. If you don’t like it, then … Continue reading

01.18.2012 The Damnable Dora Stroller

When we ventured to BC this summer, we didn’t really want to bring the gigantic double stroller with us, but we really needed something for Saarah to sit in if we were out for an extended period of time. It’s not that she can’t walk, or that it’s even too far most of the time, … Continue reading

01.17.2012 We All Play in an Orange Submarine

We spent a day in Halifax on the weekend, and after a morning of wandering around the mall, we all needed a break from shopping(me, especially). There was a playground that the kids used to really enjoy going to, but when we tried to take the kids in September, the whole thing was torn up. … Continue reading