01.03.2012 I’m Back, Baby!

So after nearly a full year hiatus, I’m going to endeavour to start blogging on a regular basis once again. During this past year, many people have asked, pleaded, and outright demanded that I start writing once more. Since I couldn’t stand listening to it any longer, I’ve decided that it would be easier to just give in to the demands of you unruly hoards than to continually explain just how busy I had become over that time.

I don’t necessarily have anything exciting to write about today, but there will be loads of catching up to do over the next few weeks. There has been holidays, birthdays, vacations, adventures, a wedding, and at one point Nicole and I found ourselves leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. Actually the trees were still in the ground, and we were 50 feet in the air as we made our way from tree to tree through a ridiculous series of suspended logs, ropes, and balls, all the while trying not to need a change of pants.

Oh yeah, and the picture today is Saarah looking at flowers on the deck, before we had repainted the trim on the house. I don’t believe there was more to it than that. I just thought it was a nice picture.

I have to go to the library with the kids before the temperature drops sharply and it starts snowing in a couple hours.



2 Responses to “01.03.2012 I’m Back, Baby!”
  1. Deborah Allison says:

    Hey, Moishe! Great to see you back! Thank you so much for this – John and I are both excited to see your posts!

  2. Dustin says:

    Fabulous! Both photograph and to you starting to post again. I guess all the nagging paid off.

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