01.04.2012 Somehow It Got Worse

While I’m not entirely certain why it happened, I am sure beyond the shadow of a doubt that the results of asking Tevye to smile for a picture have gotten even weirder(and perhaps creepier) than even six months ago. It used to be that when you asked him to smile, he would squish up his face, giving a big goofy grin, but then when we were flying back home from BC, this picture happened. There was no lead-up, no prompting, and no sign ever before that this would be happening. He and I were the only two awake, and so we were playing around with the camera on Nicole’s iPod to entertain ourselves. When I said “smile”, this is what was produced. I was so shocked that I nearly fell off my seat laughing. I worry that if somehow his face becomes stuck like this, it will lead to a life of people thinking that he’s about to eat their cat and make hats out of the fur.

I have a much better picture than this one that I took with my new Nintendo 3DS, which shows the ridiculousness even better, AND it’s in 3D! I find that every time I’m feeling kind of down, I can just look at that picture and it brightens me right up.

There’s never a dull moment when spending time with my delightful, if not completely nuts, children, which is a good thing.

One Response to “01.04.2012 Somehow It Got Worse”
  1. Nicole says:

    What a face!

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