01.06.2012 It’s a “Samsquamch”, Ricky!

Alright, so it’s actually just Tevye walking through the snow, but the way his arms are straight down by his sides, with his head bent slightly forward, the picture reminded me of the classic Bigfoot “footage”. Even though there were plenty of nice pictures to use of Tevye, I decided that this one was more fun. Princess Saarah, on the other hand, did not enjoy the fact that a) we woke her up in the car, or b) she had to walk through the snow when it was -12. She was insistent that she be carried the entire way, which was a bit of a pain. I mean, not for me, but for Nicole, who had to carry her. I outright refused to give in to her pandering(which in this case meant whining long enough that Nicole thought it better to give in than listen to that horrible sound any longer). I, on the other hand, refuse to negotiate with terrorists.

Oh, I haven’t even mentioned what we were up to, out in the middle of nowhere, in snotsicle-producing temperatures. This was our attempt at finding a Christmas tree. Since we celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays in our house, we end up feasting twice as much, which leads me to wonder numerous times each year, why I don’t weigh 400lbs. Perhaps it shall remain a mystery forever. Anyways, enough rambling. We trudged way out to the middle of nowhere, and since we don’t exactly live in a sprawling metropolis, when we drive 45 minutes into nowhere, we’re REALLY in the middle of nowhere. Then we walked all over a hillside(okay so 75% of us walked, and 25% were carried. Unless you’re doing it by weight, in which case about 5% of us were carried and 95% walked). We kept finding trees that were almost right, but I wanted to keep  looking. After all, if you’re going to get me out there in the cold doing this, then let’s do it! Then all of a sudden, at the bottom of the hill, no less than 15km from the car, there it was! Just like the scene from “Christmas Vacation”, the light shone down from the heavens, illuminating the perfect tree. As soon as we had decided, this guy got straight to work:

Perhaps Nicole will think twice about including me next year.

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