01.09.2012 Rolling Thunder

Last spring we decided it was time for Saarah to join her brother in his pedaling adventures, and we bought her a tricycle. We probably should have gone out and bought it without her knowing and put it together when she was asleep, as this would have made the most sense. This is, of course, not what we did. Since I had never put together a tricycle before, I figured it would be a quick 5 minute thing. Turns out, no. It’s not that it was complicated, but it did take significantly more than 5 minutes to accomplish. Of course, it probably seemed significantly longer due to the fact that Saarah really wanted to help, and even if we said that maybe she should go and play somewhere else, she was insistent. Oh, I hope that she can use her steely determination for good when she’s older. If she harnesses it for evil purposes, we’re all in for a lot of trouble.

Well we eventually did get it put together, even with Ms. Saarah’s help. Of course, it was bedtime by this point, and so we decided it best for her to just try it out inside. There she was, cruising around the house at speeds upwards of 2km/h, all while wearing her, as she calls them “pretty silly jammies”.

When it was time for bed, she was insistent that she be allowed to keep her new tricycle in her room(oh, and G-d help the person who refers to it as a tricycle. No, while in Saarah’s presence, you must refer to it as her “bike”), to which we agreed.

The next morning she came rolling into our room at 7am and informed us that she’d like to ride outside now. We all had breakfast and then went outside. Since then, though, the tricycle has lived in the shed, and is no longer a hazard in the kitchen.

She is, however, a hazard to the whole darn neighbourhood now.

One Response to “01.09.2012 Rolling Thunder”
  1. Nicole says:

    When she came in at 7 am it was with the bike in tow. She wasn’t going to waste a second!

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