01.10.2012 In Which Saarah Bamboozles Mama

Nicole was washing the supper dishes one night while I was giving the children a bath, and everything was going about as routinely as possible. That is, until it was time to get out of the bath, and get into jammies. Ever the trickster, I decided that Saarah and I should have some fun. Tevye, being absolutely abysmal at keeping secrets, got out of the bath first, was dried off, and sent on his way to put something on. Sometimes he needs to be persuaded into putting on clothes, because sometimes I think that if it were up to him, he would probably stay naked all day long. Saarah also greatly enjoys being naked, but since she also loves clothes, I think she would end up with something on for the most part. Saarah would probably, given the choice of clothing, end up making Don Cherry look like he was the sharpest-dresser in the Great White North.

As is usually the case while writing this blog, I digress. Tevye was well on his way to being dressed, and Saarah usually insists that Nicole help her with putting her jammies on(at the time this picture was taken, anyways. She’s quite content to do them herself now), so when I closed the door after Tevye left, and Nicole was standing there awaiting Saarah’s imminent arrival, she was somewhat befuddled. The sense of confusion was only intensified when it took significantly longer than it should have to dry off a teeny, toiny girl(that’s how Saarah says it. Yeah, like she’s from Boston. When you can convince her to say “tiny parsnip”, it sounds more like “toiny pahsnip”, and it’s even better if her voice is slightly gravelly. It got me thinking that “Tony Parsnip” could be a good character in a children’s book, or a mobster, or a character in a children’s book about mobsters. Or a book who’s target readers are the children of mobsters.). When she emerged, finally, from the washroom, she was dressed the same way that Nicole is when she finishes her shower. Nicole thought it was hilarious, and Saarah and I were proud that we had once again managed to get Nicole to fall victim to one of our classic pranks by using trickery and deceit. Bazinga!


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