01.13.2012 Tevye is the Walrus

First off, let me apologize to anyone who may have received an email with just the following picture. Apparently WordPress switched the way that you put up posts, and I thought I was just adding a picture, but then it said that my post was published. I don’t like change!

Anyways, now that THAT is out of the way, we can all move on with our lives, but more importantly, the remainder of this post.

Tevye is the Walrus

For the past year and a half, Tevye has had a great affinity for walruses. Actually, it’s more intense than that. While it has died down somewhat in the past six months, for a while he actually identified as a walrus. If he saw a picture of a walrus, he would say “Tatte, look! It’s a walrus, just like me!” At first, it was cute, and funny, but after a while, it started to get somewhat worrying.

After this had gone on for some time, Nicole and I started brainstorming ways that we might be able to correct this behaviour. We were worried that one day we might wake up to discover Tevye’s not in his bed, but instead there’s a note on his pillow:

“Dear Mama, Tatte, and Saarah,

I am no longer able to continue living this lie. Even though I appear to be a person, just like you, I believe we all know that deep down I am a walrus. I’ve stated this many times before, and all you can do is laugh, as if my pain and suffering is some sort of a big joke.

I have decided to run away and live in the Arctic, amongst my own kind. I was hoping to wait until I was older before I set out, but I have come to the realization that it will be significantly easier to board public transit without gigantic tusks protruding from my mouth. The stares would just be too much, and besides, I imagine it might cost a great deal in toothpaste if I were to remain here, and that is a financial burden that I’m not willing to put you through. Also, as you’re all too keenly aware, I like fish. I mean a LOT! Already I eat enough fish for three adults, and I’m only four years old. Imagine when I’m 15!

I must go now, before my legs turn into flippers, and I’m forced to flop awkwardly all the way there.

All my walrusy love,


P.S. koo-koo-ka-choo!”

Well thankfully this never happened, though the bit about his love of fish, and the amount he consumes wasn’t exaggerated as much as you’d think.

On a side note, the shirt he’s wearing in that picture above is terrific. It says “Mussel Beach Surf Club”, and there’s a mussel with gigantic muscles. It’s hilarious, and I chuckle each time he wears it.

Who knows, maybe it was one of Tevye’s ancestors.

One Response to “01.13.2012 Tevye is the Walrus”
  1. Nicole says:

    Just today Tevye saw a book about a walrus and said “It’s a walrus, just like me!”.

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