01.16.2012 A 300lb Bass, Just Waiting to be Caught

Last summer I took Tevye fishing. I was 99% certain that we wouldn’t catch anything, but that didn’t stop us from trying. We packed up all our gear, and some snacks, and we headed out. He, very helpfully, carried the tackle box, dropped it three times, and resigned that perhaps it would be better if I carried it. That’s fine, it matched the fishing rod, camera, and snacks that I was already carrying. We hiked through the bush, fighting off deadly spiders, giant man-eating birds, and the occasional tiger, until we had made our way to the lake. Hmm, that really doesn’t sound overly believable, does it? And if it were to be believed, then you’d have to question not only my sanity, but my ability to properly care for my children. I mean, who’s going to take a boy who, at the time, was not quite four through such a dangerous place, all for the sake of not catching fish?! It would certainly make for a better story though.

Alright, so we drove 25km into the woods, to a hidden lake that very few people even know about. It doesn’t show up on many maps, but I discovered it when out on a bike ride one day. There was a guy fishing at the time who told me that if I ever told anyone about it, he’d hunt me down. When asked what sort of fish were in the lake, he told me a tale of the giant bass, who, if legends were to be believed, weighed upwards of 300lbs.

Alright, so there’s a small lake behind my mum’s house that I took Tevye to. People catch fish in there all the time, but I was confident that he and I wouldn’t catch a thing. Well it turns out that we not only didn’t catch any fish, but we managed to lose three hooks! We had fun though, and it was a good bonding experience.

I later learned that I had been going about it all the wrong way, and caught loads of fish. Of course, Tevye wasn’t around that time, and when he did show up with Nicole and Saarah, do you think I could catch anything? Not a darn thing. Oh well, there’s always next summer.

One Response to “01.16.2012 A 300lb Bass, Just Waiting to be Caught”
  1. Christine Blair says:

    I am sure there is a trout just waiting for your return Tevye, I will save you a spot at the lake.
    Grandma C.

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