01.17.2012 We All Play in an Orange Submarine

We spent a day in Halifax on the weekend, and after a morning of wandering around the mall, we all needed a break from shopping(me, especially). There was a playground that the kids used to really enjoy going to, but when we tried to take the kids in September, the whole thing was torn up. On a recent trip, Nicole and Saarah discovered that the old, worn out playground had been replaced with this new fangled orange submarine. It’s got the fastest slide I’ve ever seen on a playground(it’s practically a vertical drop!), and a rope net ladder, and not one, but two working periscopes. The only problem with the periscopes is that they don’t look at anything. You’re either looking at the adjacent buildings, or into the sky above the harbour. You’d think that somebody could have planned that better. Oh well, the kids don’t seem to care. It bugs the heck out of me, though.

While Tevye was content to play either at the top or in the belly of the submarine, Saarah much preferred to be atop the orange beast, watching over all who entered her vicinity. She managed the rope net ladder with surprising ease. Nicole informed me that when they were there only a few weeks prior, she was unable to get her head around the very idea of it.

Oh, the toque that Tevye is wearing is actually mine, but like all of my Leafs headwear, he manages to steal it. This one was a recent gift , and is by far my favourite one. Thanks again, Sarah!


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