01.18.2012 The Damnable Dora Stroller

When we ventured to BC this summer, we didn’t really want to bring the gigantic double stroller with us, but we really needed something for Saarah to sit in if we were out for an extended period of time. It’s not that she can’t walk, or that it’s even too far most of the time, but she just moves sooooo slowly. Since she’s only three, she gets distracted by pretty much anything that isn’t what she’s meant to be focused on. She also has the world’s shortest legs, so even when she is progressing in the right direction, it’s at an obnoxiously slow pace. To remedy this situation, we went to the dreaded Wal-Mart and purchased a cheap folding stroller. Since Saarah was present, we couldn’t buy any old stroller. Oh no. It absolutely, positively, HAD to be the one with Dora on it.

So, pleased with her discovery, we left the store and carried on with our lives. I had assumed, incorrectly mind you, that Saarah would be seated in the stroller only when she had gotten too tuckered out to walk any further. As any of my family can attest to, she sat in that damnable thing every single chance she got. If we happened to be somewhere that the stroller was, then you could bet that Saarah’s tiny bum was parked in the thing.

The picture above was taken when we were on the ferry to go to Vancouver to visit my Dad and my Step-mother. It was first thing in the morning, and we were having some breakfast. Three of us decided to sit in the nice chairs at the table, so that we could eat and look out at the beautiful scenery that is coastal BC. Not Saarah! She decided that she was going to either sit in that stroller or die trying. So sit in it, she did.

You might be inclined to think, as I was, that constantly strapping yourself into a seat might be inconvenient, especially if you need to get up and do something. Saarah had figured out two possible solutions to this conundrum in a very short period of time, though. She could either sweetly ask her uncles or grandma to bring her things, which usually worked(it sure as shoot wasn’t going to work on me!), or she very quickly taught herself to scoot along, all the while remaining in her beloved Dora stroller.

Now the stroller lives in the trunk of the car, and we don’t have to deal with it nearly so often. If only Saarah could live in the trunk and I wouldn’t have to deal with HER nearly so often…

One Response to “01.18.2012 The Damnable Dora Stroller”
  1. Dustin says:

    Yeah, I’m afraid we’ll do anything she wants us to do. As long as she remembers her p’s and q’s.

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