01.19.2012 “I’m on a Boat”

If you’re currently saying to yourself “Man, ANOTHER picture from when those dorks traveled to British Columbia this past summer? Seriously? Haven’t they done anything since?! Ugh, I’m so tired of this nonsense”, suck it up. It’s my blog, and I’ll put any darn pictures up that I please. If you don’t like it, then write your own darn blog. As a matter of fact, if you do, then I’ll make a point of reading it and then complain silently to myself about the particular pictures you decide to put up. I wont dislike it enough to stop reading it, mind you. No sir, just enough to complain to my computer monitor. Ahem, pardon me. Sometimes I get carried away, though if you’ve been reading this blog long enough to complain about the picture selection, then I’m sure you’re aware of my propensity to hop aboard the Tangent Express, and most times not getting off until we arrive at Ramble Station… Darn it, I’ve done it again.

Okay, so in the summer Grandpa John was kind enough to take us out on his boat for the day. We went out to Sidney Spit(a small island located a short boat trip from Victoria) for the day and had lunch. Saarah really enjoyed being on the boat, except for the noise and the bumping up and down. After a short while she decided it might be better to sit right up next to Tatte.

The whole time that this was happening, I was wondering to myself why John, a sea captain capable of taking us a short jaunt on a calm day, would be causing the boat to jump around quite so much. After a bit, I could take the mystery no more. I looked up and saw that he had handed the reigns over to someone slightly less capable than himself.

Geez Louise, Tevye! Man, I should have known. Whenever Tevye’s allowed to drive anything, it tends to end poorly. As a matter of fact, a couple years prior to this, Tevye was also allowed to pilot the vessel for a short while, and here’s what happened:

“Oh sure you can steer, Tevye. I’ll be right here, so nothing should go wrong” said Grandpa John

Two minutes later:

So what have we learned? Don’t let Tevye drive the boat!

2 Responses to “01.19.2012 “I’m on a Boat””
  1. Nicole says:

    Don’t let the Tevye drive the boat!

    I’ll be your best friend! How ’bout I give you 5 bucks?

  2. Bob Callow says:

    Don’t worry Moishe. We enjoyed our time with you all last summer! – – – can’t wait till we do it again!
    Love to you all ! – Nana and Grandad

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