01.25.2012 Cute, No Matter What

As I was looking through pictures of the kids, trying to come up with something to write about, I noticed something. I realized that children can get away with dressing pretty much however they want, and for some reason they will still end up looking like cutie-patooties.

Take, for example, the picture above. Saarah is wearing a delightful dress, is smiling nicely, and she looks very cute. Now, compare that to this:

She is now wearing what could be described as quite possibly the worst pair of pants, and the most horrid sweater on the face of the earth when worn separately. Saarah has gone one step further, and combined the two in order to make something so terrible that even Don Cherry himself wouldn’t be caught dead in it. Not only that, but she has food all over her face, her hair is a mess, and she looks as though she hasn’t had enough sleep. Still though, she manages to attain “cutie-patootie” status. How children are able to do it is completely beyond me.

If an adult tries to do the same thing, they certainly don’t come out looking cute. Again, I use Don Cherry as an example. Last week I believe he was going for “flamboyant pirate”, but there was nothing even remotely endearing about it.

Now you might be thinking, oh sure, Saarah can pull it off, but can Tevye? Let’s find out!

Handsome as anything, eh? This was taken at our wedding, and this fine looking gentleman was my best man. Actually, completely off topic, he was by far the best “best man” in the whole world. He helped me get ready, and helped me pick out footwear for the wedding, and he was happy as a clam the whole day. When I started to worry because I was running late, he just looked at me and gave me a big hug, completely reassuring me that everything was going to be fine.

Okay, back on topic now. Alright, so here’s one of Tevye proving my original point:


Alright, so this was a slightly more difficult task than I first anticipated. Not because I didn’t believe in the point I was attempting to make, but rather because Tevye is generally dressed nicely. Not in this picture, though! Seriously, who dresses like this? Still though, I believe that my point has been proven.

5 Responses to “01.25.2012 Cute, No Matter What”
  1. Lee Mackenzie says:

    Yes, it has! Thanks again, Moishe.

    • I do have a slightly biased opinion, but I believe the premise could be extrapolated to be about anyone’s children(granted, there are, sadly, some legitimately un-cute children in the world, where this wouldn’t work, but generally, anyways)

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  3. Adirondack Mom says:

    Totally unfair. I have tried showing up to work in those exact same pants as your daughter was wearing and I didn’t get any “awe how cute” looks…

    I have to say I don’t have this issue as I apparantly live in a nudist colony (not me, but my offspring and fiance…). The minute they each walk through the door they both strip to their underwear. Unexpected guests are always fun!

  4. I nearly spat coffee all over my computer when I read your comment! That’s hilarious. Do you actually have the same pants?

    Both of my kids would be naked all the time if they were allowed!

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