Banana Muffins a la Saarah

Yesterday afternoon I was busy cleaning, writing, and doing all the things that I normally do during the day. I decided to go to the kitchen to get some coffee(a common occurrence, I might add). I was somewhat surprised to see little Miss Saarah, standing atop a stool, and making banana oatmeal muffins. As you might imagine, I was somewhat taken aback to make this discovery. Not only had she set out to do this, but she had managed to procure the necessary ingredients, equipment, and recipe. What’s even more spectacular is that, as far as I knew, she was unable to read, much less follow a recipe!

Furthermore, how she was able to get the food processor down from the shelf above the stove is a real mystery. I would have figured that it was much too heavy for her. That being said though, I suppose if she can suddenly learn to read and measure, it’s plausible that she could figure out a way to obtain heavy kitchen equipment from very high places. Kids, eh? We never really give them the credit they deserve, I suppose. When I inquired about her new found skills, she refused to tell me, and instead gazed lovingly at me, insisting that this was all meant to be a big surprise.

Alright, so perhaps I helped, though just a little. She very helpfully asked all sorts of questions, and made her opinion of my methods known. She queried why I should be using such yucky-looking bananas, and why would I possibly want to mash the bananas. She was insistent that she be allowed to taste the mashed bananas. I informed her that they tasted exactly like whole bananas, but she wasn’t prepared to believe me until she had found out for herself. When two thirds of the muffin cups were full, she started to get worried that we were running out of muffin batter. I proceeded to tell her that this was supposed to happen, and that once you make muffin batter it doesn’t go on forever. I believe her worries were put to rest when each and every cup was full.

After playing in the snow, we all came inside, the smell of freshly baked muffins still lingering in the air. After making a great mess by the door, clothes everywhere and snow melting on a much larger portion of the floor than ever necessary, we all partook of the muffins, and they were good(you can always tell when the kids really enjoy what they’re eating, as this will be the only time they are both quiet at the same time).

4 Responses to “Banana Muffins a la Saarah”
  1. Christine says:

    Saarah and Tevye are by far the cutiest grandchildren ever. Keep on writing Andrew, I check daily for the latest news and photos. A highlight of my day.
    Mom/Grandma C.

  2. Bob Callow says:

    Thank you for this one. Saarah and Tevye are truly lovely children and always a treat to see on your blog!

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