The Picnic Fort

This large pink and princess monstrosity is what’s known as a “bed tent”. Normally it lives atop Saarah’s bed, and she sleeps inside it, but since yesterday it has been located in the middle of her room. I’m not sure why it’s now in such an awkward location, as I was downstairs, making a great deal of noise and stink on my bike at the time. Sometimes when confronted with such a sight upon my return I will inquire as to the chain of events leading up to this moment, while other times I prefer that it remain a mystery. This time was the latter.

I had fully expected the tent to be back atop the bed prior to Saarah retiring for the night, especially since she enjoys sleeping inside of it so much, but this morning the tent still sat on the floor.

Since breakfast, and after amassing a large number of toys, the kids have been quite content playing inside it. While I was quite happy that they were playing nicely together, and not making a huge mess of the entire house, I was curious to see what could be so entertaining inside their veritable Fortress of Solitude.

Upon knocking on the door politely, this is how I was greeted by the keeper of the fort. Wow, Saarah, that’s really attractive! Such a class-act my daughter is turning out to be.

I inquired as to what sorts of activities were going on inside the confines of their tent. Tevye informed me that they were just playing, sounding as exasperated as possible. Ah, the ever-helpful answers of my son. I believe that if there were an award for being as vague as possible, it would have to be awarded to Tevye. It’s not like I had been conducting an hour long interview with the boy leading up to this point, and he got fed up with all the questions and attention.

Upon further investigation, I learned that they had prepared cake(Apple and orange cake, it turns out. I would have expected honey, but what do I know?) for Pooh, as it was apparently his birthday! I had no idea that it was his birthday already. If I’d known, I would have got him something.

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