Outfits By Saarah

The children, being the independent little souls that they are, enjoy being allowed to pick their own clothes. While this may have all sorts of wonderful, and positive effects on the psyche of preschoolers, it also has the propensity to produce some peculiar clothing combinations. Tevye caught on quite quickly to which clothes look nice … Continue reading

Vintage Saarah Chayah – 12.12.10

As promised, albeit a couple of days late, I have put together a selection of vintage Saarah pictures. I meant to have this up on Friday, but I was very busy all day and didn’t even remember that I hadn’t done this until 10 at night, when it was far too late to begin such … Continue reading

Can You Hear Me?

The kids have been playing a game lately which involves plenty of shouting and ridiculous child-logic. I don’t know that it’s a game, so much as it is a way to drive me nuts. Of course, finding new and innovative ways of driving their poor tatte nuts can be a game, in and of itself. … Continue reading

Nearly Naked Aerobics

Yes, the title may seem misleading, given that my children are both fully-clothed in this picture, but, as you will soon discover, it’s more accurate than it would appear. Trying to keep up a physically-active lifestyle while it’s stupidly cold outside(-18C today) can be difficult. The level of difficulty is increased when you are the … Continue reading


This is a test of the emergency blogging system! Actually, I’ve been having issues with receiving email updates from other WordPress blogs, and was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue today? In case you’re like me, and you’ve been missing out, “Beem-bomisms Friday – The Ludicrous Hamburger” was posted earlier, and can … Continue reading

Beem-Bomisms Friday – The Ludicrous Hamburger

Well here we are for another edition of “Beem-bomisms Fridays”, where I give you a taste of the ridiculous and wacky things that come out of my children’s mouths. Even though last Friday had a different name, it’s the same idea. There are a couple that I’ll tell you about that were discussed either in … Continue reading

Christmas in February

Tevye and Saarah have this wonderfully annoying habit of bringing out every single toy, book, and blanket that they own at the same time. If I don’t stay on top of them, repeatedly reminding them that they need to keep their toys relatively tidy, then within an hour I find myself avoiding a veritable tidal … Continue reading

Somedays I feel like this

This was the comic on my “Non Sequitur” desk calendar yesterday. While I’m generally quite happy writing, some days I have to wonder if this is an accurate portrayal of being a blogger:

Did we move to the Arctic?

Last night I was giving Nicole a sneak preview of today’s photos, and as soon as I opened up iPhoto, she exclaimed “Where did we move to? The Arctic?!” Now obviously we didn’t move above the Arctic Circle, though some days in the middle of February, when the harbour has been frozen solid for a … Continue reading

A Cure for the Grumpies

It is normally right here that you would see a picture, but I’ve decided to take a slightly different approach today. Oh, don’t worry, there will be pictures, but not until after a brief explanation of today’s post. Yesterday, it would seem, everyone had a serious case of the Grumpies. Not necessarily in our house. … Continue reading