The NHL All-Snore Game

Like many hockey fans, we could really live without the All-Star weekend. I suppose the Skills Competition is kind of fun to watch, but the game itself is about on par with a pre-tournament game between Canada and Latvia, but without any sense of national pride. We’ll always end up watching it, but we wont necessarily wait for a commercial break to use the washroom. The score is always ridiculous, which is part of why it’s horribly unexciting to watch(take note, all you NHL executives who think that hockey would be better with higher scoring). Aside from all of that, I cannot seem to explain to Tevye why players from the Leafs would play on the same team as players from the Habs. He just doesn’t get it.

So as we were watching the game, I was sitting in my usual spot on the couch, dazzled by the spectacle before me(actually, I believe I spent more time wondering why Drake was performing in the second intermission, than actually focusing on the game. When did hockey go all Gangsta? And furthermore, why isn’t the spell check picking up on the word “gangsta”? Is this a real word now?), when up strolls Saarah, Pooh bear blanket in tow.

Of course, I was so enthralled by the performances that I didn’t notice what was about to happen right in my own living room. If Saarah shows up to the couch with her blanket, at any point in the afternoon, it’s a signal that she is preparing for a nap. It is at this point that her efforts must be quelled. If she is permitted to sleep during the day, terrible things will happen. When she eventually wakes up, whether by an external factor, or of her own accord, she will remain grumpy miserable of the same disposition as Godzilla, and just about as destructive, for the remainder of the day! Of course, I didn’t realize that she was drifting off to dreamland until, as the picture will attest, it was too late. Since the result of her sleeping is equal whether she sleep for five minutes or two hours, once she’s asleep you may as well just let her stay that way.

Tevye used to get the same way, but it would seem that he wasn’t so hell-bent on napping as his little sister, and as a result, was significantly easier to get out of the habit. He would also generally be appeased with a snack, whereas this doesn’t even begin to work with Saarah – It just means that food will be thrown across the room.

2 Responses to “The NHL All-Snore Game”
  1. Thomas says:

    Hm, although a super cute picture I have a different opinion about the All-Star game. I agree there is a sense of ridiculous about it, but its nice to watch I think because it is everyone taking things far less serious and just having fun playing the game they love to play.

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