Pepe le Pew’s Here!

On Tuesday morning, the kids and I had gone to the grocery store and on our way to the car, while I was pushing the cart, Saarah looks right up at me and very assertively says “Tatte, bring your face right here!”. Not really sure what I was getting into, and not wanting to disappoint, I obliged. It was at this point that she started giving me kisses all over my face. She was being goofy about it, making sure to make as loud a “smacking” sound as possible with each kiss. While this was going on, she was holding on to my ears as tightly as possible, so as to make sure I didn’t get away.

At first I was surprised by her actions, as she was so serious when asking for my face to be put before her, contrasted by her ridiculously loud kisses and the tightness of her grip on my ears. It was at this point that I queried “Who are you? Pepe le Pew?”

At this moment she stopped, smiled from ear to ear, and exclaimed in a voice loud enough for the entirety of the Sobey’s parking lot to hear “Pepe le Pew’s here!” The entire drive home she was yacking about how she was now Pepe le Pew.

Since then, the mere mention of Pepe le Pew elicits an emphatic “Pepe le Pew’s Here!” from Saarah.

On a side note, Pepe le Pew is hilarious as an adult, but I’m really not sure that he’s appropriate for children. One of my favourite quote from that saucy skunk is “You can call me “Streetcar” because of my desire to…” *SMACK!!! I’ve wondered for years what he was getting at. If anyone knows, please let me know.

2 Responses to “Pepe le Pew’s Here!”
  1. Christine says:

    I think there is a very old movie called ” A Street Car named Desire”. You can look it up, great photos.
    Love, Mom/Grandma C.

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