Snowballs on the Ocean

On Monday we had some running around to do, and when we had completed everything, it was almost lunch-time, so we started heading home. As we were walking along, Tevye inquired where we were going, and I told him that we were going home to eat lunch. Suddenly he looked forlorn, and I asked if there was somewhere else he was hoping to go. He pointed at the bank we were next to and said that he wanted to go in, just to see. I told him that the windows he was pointing at were offices in the bank, and that it wasn’t somewhere you really just go into. Looking further disappointed, I suggested that we could walk down to the harbour, and look at all the ice. Suddenly he brightened right up, and he assured me that this was a tremendous idea.

When we got to the road that follows the water, we were somewhat disheartened to discover that the snowplow had created a snowbank higher than Tevye would have been able to walk over. Figuring that there must be a break somewhere along the way, we continued walking. Eventually we did find somewhere that we could actually get to the other sidewalk, and close to the frozen harbour.

After having stood there for a moment, all of us acknowledging that there was indeed ice covering the entire harbour, and most likely all the way over to PEI, Tevye told me that he would very much like to throw a snowball on the ocean. Now, being the accommodating and ready-to-please fellow that I am, I said “Sure”.

Well, the next thing you know, we’ve been standing there for half an hour, each of us trying to throw a snowball big enough that it goes through the ice. Since it was so cold that day, not to mention that I was rather famished by this point, we had to give up and head home.

As you can see, Tevye either had a great time, or he’s currently having a big toot. It’s hard to tell by this picture. Then again, it could be both.

4 Responses to “Snowballs on the Ocean”
  1. shoes says:

    What fun – throwing snowballs at the ocean! And your last picture and words had me laughing. 🙂

    • Yeah, I had never thought of it before, so I was a little caught off guard when it was suggested. We ended up having a really great time, and as a matter of fact, we went back today!

  2. You’re so lucky to live by the ocean!! (any other “tattes” out there?),

    • We grew up on the other coast, and when we were trying to decide where we should move to, we realized that being near the ocean was a must.

      While I’ve heard that there is one or two Jewish families out here, I haven’t met them. In Halifax there’s a number of shuls.

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