A Rocket to the Cheese Moon

It has been discovered by my two brilliant children that if you turn a dollhouse on its side, it will become a rocket! Now, this is pretty darn awesome, as I would think that if NASA had figured this out, the entire Space Program could have potentially saved billions of dollars. Perhaps I should write them a letter.

As you can see, the kids were getting all of their friends to hop aboard the rocket, which was about to take off. I’m not sure what sort of training the stuffed animals had to undergo, but apparently they were ready for the adventure before them. Tevye and Saarah assured me that none of them were nervous about this most risky undertaking.

Once Captain Tuffy and Lieutenant Raspberry were placed in their seats, they were ready for lift off.











It would appear as though the excitement is just too much for Saarah to bear! I imagine it would be difficult to control your emotions when seeing your friends heading off to space. I inquired where these brave souls were headed, to which they answered “To look for Wallace and Gromit on the Cheese Moon”. Ah, well, safe journey then.

Phew, they made it. I was quite worried. It looks as though Lieutenant Raspberry was scared by something. Look at the size of her eyes. I wonder what could be causing such an expression…


I got out of there as quickly as possible, and retreated to the office to inform the masses that THIS is currently residing on the moon, and perhaps we should away. Then again, they did say they were going to the Cheese Moon, which I believe may be different. Perhaps we’re safe…perhaps

5 Responses to “A Rocket to the Cheese Moon”
  1. christine says:

    Brilliant indeed! Toys are best when used for a purpose entirely different from the one intended.


  2. I enjoyed your blog…my 4 year old daughter has the same big eyed monkey; my daughter calls her “monkey.” lol

    • That’s funny. They’re some of the few stuffed animals that have actual names, as opposed to being called what they are(ie puppy, bunny, baby(it’s amazing how many of Saarah’s babies are just called “baby”), etc.)

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