Too Darn Cold

While I try and get the kids outside as much as I can, there are some days that it’s just too darn cold or miserable. This past weekend, and now today, really exemplify that. On Saturday it warmed up to three degrees, which, if it had been sunny would have been a terrific day to get my bike off my trainer and head outside. Sadly, though, it was raining heavily and making all the snow disgusting. Of course, by Saturday night(cue the Bay City Rollers), it had cooled down again, and we were being bombarded by freezing rain.

On Sunday morning when I woke up with the kids, the picture above was the scene that I was greeted with. Absolutely everything was covered in a layer of ice, and the temperature, with the windchill, was sitting around -20 all day. Thankfully this has been the only time this year that this has happened. I believe it occurred three times last year, when the ice covering some parking lots was thick enough that you could skate on it.

At one point yesterday, I went to help a neighbour get out of her driveway, and while our efforts were successful, I almost couldn’t get back in our house, so frozen was the outside door handle! I ended up having to knock on the window to get Nicole’s attention. I was so thankful that I wasn’t home alone at the time, otherwise I seriously doubt I would have been getting back inside.

So aside from my magnanimous good deed, and now my own horn sufficiently tooted, we stayed inside for the day. The kids were able to keep themselves busy, generally by finding ever-more effective methods of driving me bananas.

At one point, Nicole was having a cup of tea, and Tevye said that he would also like some. Not really expecting him to drink much of it, she obliged. Not only did he thoroughly enjoy it, he looked hilarious, sitting on the floor, mug of tea in hand, and looking just about as cozy as possible.

Today, while it’s nice and sunny, is currently -27. I think we’ll be remaining indoors today as well.

9 Responses to “Too Darn Cold”
  1. That is just too cold..

  2. chris9911 says:

    You being a cycler too, you should check out one of those kid’s virtual reality indoor cycle by Fisher price. I’m always looking for ways to wear out my boys, so they actually want to go down for sleep.

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I have enjoyed your blog too. Staying at home with the kids is such fun and your kids are very cute!

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