Stinky Germs

Tevye and Saarah, after seeing a show, are always eager to reenact what they’ve just watched, and today was no exception. They will generally put their own spin on the events, and elaborate on the subject matter(see Rocket to the Cheese Moon). While it may look as though the kids are playing with some horrid pink hair things that were given to Saarah(Really, they’re just awful. If you’re reading this, Mary, which I’m almost certain you’re not, she really likes them, and it was very kind of you to give them to her. I, personally, cannot stand them), what they’re actually doing is cleaning up germs.

Apparently there are germs, running amok in the town of one Mr. Penguin. Thankfully Tevye and Saarah are on the case, cleaning our house, and ridding the town of such foul creatures. While I was always under the impression that germs were scent-free, these ones are apparently of the stinky variety. At one point, Tevye very emphatically exclaimed “Hey, get your stink off of me!”

I believe they’ve now managed to corral all of the germs, and with it, their terrible stench. I’ve just inquired with Tevye what the disposal procedure is for stinky germs, and he’s informed me that they get flushed down the toilet, though apparently nothing ACTUALLY gets put in the toilet, and this part is all pretend.

Tevye did an excellent job of getting all the germs off the floor. Such a thorough job, in fact, that I believe there are some germ-covered breakfast dishes in the sink that need his attention!

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