Baoentoims Day

On the weekend we informed the kids that Valentines Day was this week. Upon this discovery, Saarah was so excited that when she started jumping up and down, she almost put her head through the ceiling. She’s a big fan of the day, despite the fact that she was completely unaware of any meaning or significance attached to the day. She just knows that she likes pink heart shapes, as well as all things chocolate or candy!

On the thirteenth I had told Tevye that the next day would finally be warm enough for us to play outside in the snow, and perhaps the shed doors would now be able to open, thus giving us access to their beloved sleds. He looked suddenly worried and upset.

“Tatte, we can’t play outside tomorrow!”

“Why not, Tevye?”

“Tomorrow is Valentines Day!”

“Ah, well let’s assume that I have followed your reasoning, but perhaps your Pooh Bear requires further explanation. He is, after all, a bear of very little brain”

“On Valentines Day we have to buy cards for people.”

“How about we make cards instead?”

Suddenly surprised and amazed “Do you know how to do that, Tatte?!”

“Yes, Tevye. I’ll show you how.”

He went to sleep feeling very reassured that I would be there to guide him in his time of need. I suppose that’s what Tattes are for. That, and testing your treats to make sure that they’re not poisonous.

Yesterday, after the children had thoroughly made a mess of the entire house, and I had cleaned up the majority of their mess, we got straight to work. Tevye made a card for Saarah, and Saarah made one for Tevye. Since Tevye didn’t really want pink, he requested that Saarah please make him a red one(red is his favourite colour), and she requested a pink one.

They sat quietly and worked on their cards for a long time. Tevye must have wrote Saarah’s name three times on the inside, and decorated it with pictures of flowers, trees, hearts, and a rainbow. He also, very kindly, traced his hand, and on the back, drew a building. Saarah made hers to look as though only Saarah could make it look. She just put lots of pink and red colour on the red heart. I explained that perhaps it might not show up so well, but she was, as usual, insistent.

When they’d finished, the exchanged cards, and thanked the other with a hug and a kiss.

Such sweeties!

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