Puzzlepalooza 2012

Sick and tired of flimsy cardboard puzzle boxes falling apart, Nicole had the brilliant idea to switch most of the kids puzzles to Tupperware containers. Not only that, but she had the foresight to tape the the picture from each box to the inside of the lid so that the puzzles shouldn’t get mixed up. Man, my wife is such a smart lady, and easy on the eyes, to boot! She’s the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, a real classy dame!

So this morning the children are building their puzzles. Since they’re not fond of taking each puzzle apart after completing them, I’m sure that in an hour from now we will have a living room floor covered in assembled puzzles. Sucks to the Sistine Chapel and its marvelous ceiling, we have a floor covered with pictures of Spiderman, Winnie-the-Pooh, Lightning McQueen, and Dora!

Oh sure, there were nicer pictures of Tevye that I could have used, but what fun would that be? He was smiling nicely before I pressed the button, but when I looked at the picture afterwards, it looked as though he was taking an angry poop. Also, it was only when I saw this picture that I realized that he didn’t have his glasses on. I suppose we’re still getting used to the idea.

Upon completion, Saarah admires the fruits of her labour. She looks like she’s eating something. I didn’t give her anything to eat. Hmm, it’s a Parenting Mystery!

With his glasses firmly in place now, Tevye resumes his puzzling activities(get it? I’m quite hilarious). He’s also enlisted the help of Pooh and Eeyore, but from what I understand, they’re not being helpful. They, according to Tevye, keep fighting and getting in the way, so they’re currently having a time-out.

Tevye still seems to be going strong, puzzle after puzzle. I don’t see Saarah, though. I wonder where she could be…

Apparently she’s had enough puzzles for one day, and is now taking a much-deserved rest.

Oh, and I found this the other day and I thought it was pretty neat. Now, even if you can’t afford to jet off to the Vatican to check out the art(again, that pails in comparison to our living room floor), you can now take a virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel by clicking here.

2 Responses to “Puzzlepalooza 2012”
  1. Melissa says:

    What fun! Just last night I managed to convince Zoe that it was time to put the Darth Vader puzzle (which has been on display for 3 weeks) back in the box. On to the Wizard of Oz!

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