Goofy Noses Means Spanish Coconuts

Saarah, being a three year old, has a rapidly expanding vocabulary. Much like Tevye was a couple of years ago, we can all be minding our own business, and then Saarah will say something so ridiculous that it catches all of us off guard. Since we’re extraordinarily careful with the language that she’s exposed to, her ridiculous phrases have so far been completely innocent. We’re hoping it stays that way.

Since she’s such a fan of Dora(I don’t know why all little girls like Dora so much. I can only assume there’s subliminal messages), she’s learning the occasional word in Spanish. It would seem that she’s now better understanding the concept of different languages, though she still doesn’t completely get it. For some reason she’s completely obsessed with associating coconuts with the Spanish language. First she was running around shouting “Coconuts are for Spanish.”

Not entirely certain how I was meant to respond, I would just go with it. “Uh yeah, you bet, Saarah.”

A couple of nights ago, after having actually eaten most of her supper(a rare occurrence which tends to lead to an over-energetic Saarah), and about to get in the bath(a regular occurrence which also tends to lead to an over-energetic Saarah. These two things, when combined, tend to make me a little nervous, as I’m always worried that she may just explode, or run straight through a wall) came running up to Nicole. Nicole then picked her up, while Saarah squeezed her own nose and exclaimed “Goofy noses mean Spanish coconuts!”

Over the course of the summer, she was enjoying making up words to describe people. Sometimes it was a self-description, and other times these words would be applied to others. There was never any lead up to the event, it just came out. We could be eating supper and she would look at me, serious as anything, and inform me that she was a “kee-kee-tom-tom”. Once that one past, people around her would be subjected to being called a “beem-bom” or a “hoonga-honk”.

She still uses “beem-bom”, if only occasionally, but the other two have gone by the wayside.

Saarah, never before has there been such a beem-bom as the one you’re turning out to be. I love you, and all of your beem-bom-ishness.

14 Responses to “Goofy Noses Means Spanish Coconuts”
  1. christine says:

    She’s the sweetest beem-bom I’ve ever seen. What a dear!

  2. What can I say? Your daughter has just made me smile from across the ocean, straight after returning home from the dentists. Thank you Saarah! 🙂

  3. Nicole says:

    She’s my favourite little monkey.

  4. eva626 says:

    so cute!!! i loved the title of this post!!!

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