Getting Ready to Play in the Snow

Yesterday morning, from the moment they woke up, Tevye and Saarah were excited to play in the snow. More than that, they were desperate to play with the boy who lives across the street. I assured them that once it warmed up a little, in the afternoon, we would be able to play outside.

The weather didn’t co-operate much last week, and I was really busy, so we didn’t get much time to be outside sledding and throwing snowballs. As a result, they’ve been bouncing off the walls, and haven’t had much of an outlet for their excessive energy.

After a morning filled with pestering, whining, and generally being nudniks about going to play outside, the time was finally right. Of course, when I told them that we could go out, they both informed me that they were busy. Tevye was colouring, and Saarah was watching a movie.

“Really, guys? After all this pestering, you’re going to tell me that you’re too busy colouring?! That’s a really lame excuse for not going outside. You’re not even colouring some wonderful masterpiece. It’s a picture of Spongebob, for Pete’s sake! Not even a picture of Spongebob doing anything! He’s just standing there, being a ridiculous concept! Sponges aren’t even square when they’re in the ocean.  Hell, not only is Spongebob not square, his pants aren’t either! They’re rectangular. Get your stuff on so we can go outside.”

When they found out that if they didn’t go outside now, it was going to be too late in the day, they ran over right away and got ready. I think that Tevye’s face really emphasizes just how excited they were. I’m really glad that they enjoy being active so much, but I don’t know why snow still holds this wondrous appeal. We live in a place where there’s snow on the ground for five months of the year!

While the adult and I were getting ready, Saarah started, well, being Saarah:

Man, she’s going to be quite the charmer when she’s older!

We did eventually finish getting ready, and we had a nice time outside, even if it was a little on the brisk side.


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